Canadian Social Enterprise Sector Survey

The following reports are the result of provincial and territorial social enterprise sector surveys conducted in 2014-2015. They are divided into two categories: 1) Consolidated National Reports and 2) Highlight Reports. Anyone interested in using the survey database for research or academic purposes is asked to contact Peter Hall or Peter Elson


TitleReport Link
Consolidated National Reports
Canadian National Social Enterprise Sector Survey ReportCanadian National Social Enterprise Sector Survey Report (2016)
Social Enterprise Sector Survey GuideSocial Enterprise Sector Survey Guide (2016)
Radar: SFU's Research Data Repository Contact Peter Hall | or Peter Elson | to access SESS data for research or educational purposes.
Highlight Reports
Overview of Survey HighlightsOverview of Survey Highlights
Cultural-Purpose HighlightsCultural-Purpose Highlights
Disability-Focus HighlightsDisability-Focus Highlights
Employment-Focus HighlightsEmployment-Focus Highlights
Environmental-Purpose HighlightsEmvironmental-Purpose Highlights
Income-Focus HighlightsIncome-Focus Highlights
Poverty-Focus HighlightsPoverty-Focus Highlights
Rural & Urban HighlightsRural & Urban Highlights
Social Enterprises by Age HighlightsSocial Enterprises by Age Highlights
Training-Purpose HighlightsTraining-Purpose Highlights