Below you will find a list of completed surveys. If you would like to connect with the representative person in your province or territory, please use the appropriate contact information that is provided below.

British Columbia (1)Peter HallReport 2010
British Columbia (2)Peter HallReport 2012
British Columbia (3)Peter Hall | pvhall@sfu.caSurvey 2014Report 2014
Alberta (1)Peter R ElsonReport 2010
Alberta (2)Peter R ElsonReport 2012
Alberta (3)Brittni Kerluke | brittni.kerluke@tricofoundation.caReport 2014
Saskatchewan (1)Tracey MannSurvey 2015Report 2015
Manitoba (1)Brendan ReimerReport 2012
Manitoba (2)Sarah Leeson-Klym | sleesonklym@ccednet-rcdec.caSurvey 2014Report 2014
Ontario (1)Paul Chamberlain | pchamberlain@ccednet-rcdec.caReport 2013
Ontario (2)Paul Chamberlain | pchamberlain@ccednet-rcdec.caSurvey 2015Report 2015
QuebecLynda BinhasReport 2015
New Brunswick (1)Seth AsimakosReport 2012
New Brunswick (2)Wendy Keats | wendy.keats@cecnb.caSurvey 2014
Nova Scotia (1)David Upton | david.upton@accse.caReport 2011
Nova Scotia (2)Stephanie Pronk | stephanie@commongoodsolutions.caSurvey 2014Report 2014
Prince Edward Island (1)Steve McQuaid | steve@aegroup.caSurvey 2014Report 2015
Northwest Territories, Nunavet Yukon (1)Valoree Walker | or Chris Southcott | csouthco@lakeheadu.caSurvey 2014Report 2015
Newfoundland and Labrador (1)Penny Rowe | or Josh Smee | joshsmee@cscnl.caSurvey 2015Report 2015