Working Papers

Working papers will be periodically posted on this page. They are connected to the SESS Research Project because they are the result of a SESS sponsored research event; the permitted use of SESS data by other researchers; or posted with permission of the author due to their relevance to social enterprise sector research in Canada.

SESS-WP-14The Centre for Innovative Social Enterprise Development Social Enterprise Uncovered: A Profile of the Social Enterprise Sector in Ottawa2016
SESS-WP-013Catherine PearlAn Exploration of Social Service Social Enterprises2013
SESS-WP-012Pauline O'Connor and Agnes Meinhard Work Integration Social Enterprises2014
SESS-WP-011Enterprising Non-Profits (BC)Success Themes in Supportive Employment Plus: Report Web Site 2014
SESS-WP-010Jill Andres, Peter R Elson, Peter Hall BC and Alberta Case Studies for ICSEM (2014)2014
SESS-WP-009Pauline O'ConnorThe new regulatory regime for social enterprise in Canada: potential impacts on nonprofit growth and sustainability2014
SESS-WP-008Jill AndresCritical Success Factors for Nonprofit Organizations Starting Social Enterprises ( MBA Thesis)2013
SESS-WP-007Noor Din, Fozia Tanveer, David Phipps, Arshed Bhatti and John De FaveriSocial Enterprising model - showcasing an epic link between practice and research2013
SESS-WP-006Nemanja JevtovicElite Capture in the Social Enterprise Sector: Examining the Impact of Community Wealth on Social Enterprise Funding in Western Canada’s Metropolitan Areas 2013
SESS-WP-005Al Lauzon, Mary Ferguson, Ryan Turnbull and Cathy LangLearning for Greater Impact: Linking Rural and Urban through Research and Reflective Social Enterprise Practice2013
SESS-WP-004Jerome LengkeekThe Pathfinders' Perspective: An exploration of financial support systems for enhancing the growth of the social enterprise sector in South Africa2013
SESS-WP-003Andrew Holeton and Robyn HoogendamViews from the Ground: Social Enterprise Research Needs2013
SESS-WP-002Simon TeasdaleExploring the Spatial and Temporal Dimensions of Micro-Resistance: The Tactical Mimicry of Social Enterprise by English Third Sector Organizations2013
SESS-WP-001Peter R Elson and Peter Hall Plowing the Fields: Provincial surveys of social enterprises in Canada2013