The working papers will be published periodically on this page. They are linked exclusively to the SESS research project because they are the result of either a SESS funded research event or the authorized use of SESS data by other researchers.

The Centre for Innovative Social Enterprise DevelopmentSocial Enterprise Uncovered: A Profile of the Social Enterprise Sector in Ottawa2016
Catherine PearlAn Exploration of Social Service Social Enterprises2013
Pauline O'Connor and Agnes MeinhardWork Integration and Social Enterprises2014
Enterprising Non-Profits (BC)Success Themes in Supporting Employment2014
Jill Andres, Peter R Elson, and Peter HallCase Studies for ICSEM2014
Pauline O'ConnorThe new regulatory regime for social enterprise in Canada: potential impacts on nonprofit growth and sustainability2014
Jill AndresCritical Success Factors for Nonprofit Organizations Starting Social Enterprises (MBA Thesis)2013
Noor Din, Fozia Tanveer, David Phipps, Arshed Bhatti and John De FaveriSocial Enterprising model - showcasing an epic link between practice and research2013
Nemanja JevtovicElite Capture in the Social Enterprise Sector: Examining the Impact of Community Wealth on Social Enterprise Funding in Western Canada's Metropolitan Areas2013
Al Lauzon, Mary Ferguson, Ryan Turnbull and Cathy LangLearning for Greater Impact: Linking Rural and Urban through Research and Reflective Social Enterprise Practice2013
Jerome LengkeekThe Pathfinders' Perspective: An exploration of financial support systems for enhancing the growth of the social enterprise sector in South Africa2013
Andrew Holeton and Robyn HoogendamViews from the Ground: Social Enterprise Research Needs2013
Simon TeasdaleExploring the Spatial and Temporal Dimensions of Micro-Resistance: The Tactical Mimicry of Social Enterprise by English Third Sector Organizations2013
Peter Elson and Peter HallPlowing the Fields: Provincial surveys of social enterprises in Canada2013